The Bond - 1080 Brickell Avenue Condo

The Bond in 1080 Brickell Avenue is an upscale 43-story residential tower with a total of 328 units and more than half-a-thousand parking space. With aerial ownership to nearby buildings The Bond promises not only extravagant comforts but superb views as well.

The building is projected to achieve a USGBC LEED Silver rating in its environmentally-safe and aware approach to construction. The expansive parking lot previously located in the area will be utilized to provide the The Bond with sufficient storm water capture that can be reused. Along with this, energy saving mechanisms will be in place to ensure that the high-rise luxury tower maintains its environment-friendly operations. By functioning in an environmentally safe manner, The Bond promises not only the best in luxury residential lifestyle but healthy outdoor living as well.

Project zoning designation